Chocolate mousse is high in calcium. Which helps maintain my bones and teeth Will not cause tooth decay from eating mousse. For good oral health Don't forget to let her brush her teeth twice a day.

Help me. Low weight may be caused by Not getting enough nutrients, this mousse is full of nutrients. Will help make the body stronger But will not make you fat

Put in a fridge before drinking.

Yes, we recommend pregnant women to consume Taste'n Time chocolate pudding, which has high calcium, vitamin D, DHA, Choline, Fiber, MCT Oil.

Taste'n Time Chocolate Mousse is suitable for kids in age that can have other complementary food than milk.

Taste'n Time nutrient puddings are contained in well-sealed bottle and labeled by Food and Drug Administration Thailand can be consumed straight from pouch. Once the cap is opened, it should be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours. The consumption within 1 year from the production date is suggested. Product should be stored at room temperature to maintain its quality.

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