Artificial sugars are more dangerous than you think.

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Artificial sugars are more dangerous than you think.

Artificial sugars are artificial sugars that contain sweeteners. Called "Aspartame" (Aspartame) is mixed with sugar, lactose and silicon dioxide, the latter two substances will help to make the product in a fine powder only.
The dangers of artificial sugars

1. Chemical residues cause cancer.

“Aspartame” contains three chemicals: aspartic acid, phenylalanine, methanol, which if the body is exposed to too much of these chemicals. Will not be able to get rid from the body In the end, it will destroy tissue and will damage the DNA inside the body and may eventually develop into a cellular abnormality and eventually cancer.

2. Indirectly causes obesity and diabetes.

Artificial sugar is a substitute for sugar to avoid obesity and diabetes. But Aspartame was the cause of the second. This disease itself. This is because ampartem will cause the body to produce abnormal amounts of hormones and result in the body looking for more sweetness from sugar. Thus, the body continues to need sweetness and more food than ever before.

3.It is a dangerous substance

Artificial sugars, although they are allowed to be eaten. But in some animal experiments, side effects were still possible, such as severe seizures and death.

4. Bloating

“Aspartame” is an artificial sugar that is not absorbed into the body. This causes them to pile up in the colon and contain bacteria that can digest the aspartame. But will also produce gas Thus causing flatulence Being inflated and passing more than usual

5.There is danger to the brain

Aspartic acid Which is one of the components of artificial sugars can pass into brain cells, and when there is a large amount of calcium in the brain, it can harm the brain. Brain cells may be abnormal, possibly causing epilepsy. Alzheimer's and including neuronal sheath or gland duct malfunctions
Based on the above message, eating sugar can still be eaten. But just in the amount that is not too high to reduce the risk of developing such diseases.

Taste'n time products do not contain artificial sugars.

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