About us

What About Us, and What About our Nutridrink
Nutridrink was first conceived by a group of concerned consumers wanting an alternative to sweet and tasty snacks which lacked the needed nutrition and wholesome food groups in popular demand by a new, more health-oriented generation of “people on the go.” Now, you can have both. Taste’n Time, wanting a professionally designed food product, found the perfect alliance with Mahidol University’s ‘Nutrition and Consultation Departments’ to formulate such a product.
Nutridrink was born. Months of testing and tasting finally evolved into our Nutridrink formula, which captures most if not all of our strict requirements for a comprehensive snack, dessert and wholesome meal replacement and supplement. Based on traditional, time-tested and wholesome recipes for a number of different puddings, we developed our own rich and natural ingredients that met our strict standards and criteria for both a healthy and delicious product that would suit the needs of a widespread group of active people. We were convinced that a balanced, nutritional pudding must supply the basic 5 food groups, and that it includes the basic vitamins of B1, B2, B6, B12 with folate. We were equally concerned that our pudding did not have artificial additives, MSG or other non essential or potentially harmful ingredients. Our product is also packaged in a convenient and easy to eat, pop-top “canteen” that lasts up to one year without refrigeration. A Nutridrink formulation means just that. It is designed for all “people on the run,” be they sports enthusiasts, or just people who are active throughout either the day or night…or both. Our Nutridrink can be eaten anywhere at any time. It is just as delicious and satisfying in the morning as a quick and easy breakfast as it is for a missed meal substitute during the day or night. It is perfect as a late afternoon “pick me up” snack during a break or workout at the gym. Take it on the train or in the car to and from work, or have it as a mid-morning snack before lunch. It is also perfect for weekend outings on trips to the country or shore. Take it aboard a long flight, or just have it on a whim. It is tasty, satisfying and nutritious around the clock.


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